ValueMedia helps scholars

Who is ValueMedia

Founder dr. Shanti van Dam has worked for many years in Dutch Public Television and in other national and international media. Being a scholar herself, she is familiar with the challenges and rewards that accompany research projects and processes.

Using her expertise in media consulting and TV and film production she encourages researchers to share their insights and results with the general public. She believes that all valueable research deserves to be publicized properly as this will help to strengthen the appreciation of scholarly research and scientific education within society at large.


From nanoscience to linguistics

ValueMedia develops and implements media strategies for scientific institutions, individual researchers, and for research teams. Our emphasis is on how best to reach your target audience and on how to get your message across visually in the most appropriate, appealing, and effective format. ValueMedia believes that only the highest standards will do when it comes to visualizing and presenting the exciting research projects entrusted to its care.

Research example

In the past ValueMedia has done projects for Oxford University, the University of Amsterdam, Utrecht Universitry, Google, TNO, and the Centre for the Humanities. ValueMedia helps researchers who want to share their passion with the world and who seek to translate their results into something that excites the interests not just of their peers, but of large non-specialist audiences as well.

Documentaries en television series

ValueMedia takes a broad view on the interrelationship between science and the media. In projects that range from nanosciences to linguistics and from medicine to art history, it  seeks to highlight societal relevance as much as scholarly contribution. ValueMedia also produces documentaries and television series. Recent projects include: “The Value of the Humanities,” “Visionaries in Science” and various documentaries in the area of science, archaeology and art history.

Available in: dutch